Returns and Exchanges


To place your order you must confirm all products ordered. You will be charged the price of your products plus taxes and shipping costs. You will receive confirmation from us when we have received your order. This will indicate that your order will be processed. We have the right to limit orders, to refuse or cancel an order that is already in process or that has been accepted, as our goal is always to offer our best. Any cancelled order will be completely refunded including our discount coupons.


You have 15 days to return your order and 30 days to make an exchange. Products to return or exchange must be in their original condition.

You also have to ask for an adjustment if the following cases apply: If the zipper breaks or you no longer have the item button. We can refuse the adjustment only if the zipper or the button is out of stock.


Term and conditions: 

The Marc Alexandrin website has been created to allow you to inform yourself about the activities of the brand on all levels. However, it is forbidden to use it for commercial purposes. By using the site you accept the terms and conditions of use of the site in terms of shared information including sales. All information on the site is the intellectual property of the company. Plagiarism - or the name respect of our data can have legal consequences.

Products and services offered on the site can be delivered worldwide except in cases where any natural or human disaster could harm it. It is up to the company to judge if the case arises.

Our policy of use

Rights and intellectual property must be respected.

Delivery information must be accurate to ensure the quality of our services.

Requests will not be processed if the information is not accurate.

Any inappropriate language sent by email or on our social networks is unacceptable and could have consequences. This includes hacking or any other means that could harm the proper functioning of our human resources - material and technological (including our website).