About us

Our collections are created to give way for full figured women to feel comfortable in their bodies and find clothes in which they can be confident.

The Marc Alexandrin woman is strong and confident. She knows her identity and desires to wear clothes that reflects her values ​​and helps her embrace all her beauty. 

Marc Alexandrin wants to be a distinctive element in the advancement of each individual. We only use high quality materials to ensure ease of care to prevent wrinkles without compromising comfort and style.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that every woman desires to dress herself in a way that reflects her values and will last for generations. Marc Alexandrin wants to be a distinctive element in the evolution of such a woman.

Our beliefs

We believe in the uniqueness of our customers and their ability to accept their potential. We believe in the human, the importance of each person's place in society and the importance of expressing oneself and accepting oneself.

We believe in the unity of the women, the elevation of women and their ability to be an exemplary leader for their generation. We believe that every woman, single or married can reach her destiny.

We believe that circumstances are part of the construction of one's life and experiences can not define it.

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